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About BICeL

Since 2010, the BioImaging Center Lille (BICeL) has increased the support to Research activities in the North of France thanks to the structuration that gathers the several cellular and tissular imaging facilities in the Lille Medicine Faculty (Univ. Lille 2) and Hospitals, the Univ. of Sciences and Technologies, and the Pasteur Insitute of Lille and the Lille Biology Institute.

Thanks to the implication of the personal, the excellence of BICeL has been acknowledged in 2010 by the National Interest Group in Infrastructure in Biology-Health-Agronomy (GIS-IBiSA) and in 2011 by the National Programme for investment for the Future for Equipment of Excellence (PIA EquipEx) with the support of the European Funds for Regional Development operated by the Regional Council Nord Pas-de-Calais.

BICeL is under the authority of several institutions: Universities (CUE-ULNF, Lille1, Lille 2), CNRS, INSERM, CHRU and Institut Pasteur de Lille. The 34 staff (22 FTE – 01/01/2013) operate instruments in 5 platforms: atomic force, biophotonics, electron microscopy, flux cytometry, high throughput and high content imaging screening. Of note, BICeL hosts 6 AFM dedicated to biomedical studies (living cells) some equipped with TIRF, PALM/STORM or STED, 4 MET (equipped for tomography, cryo, EELS and EDX), 1 MEB, 6 cytometers and 2 cell sorters, 1 flux imager, 6 confocal microscopes, 8 videomicroscopes (TIRF, FRAP, calcium, Patch clamp), one FLIM and one multiphoton (TCSPC-FC), one microdissector and one Lumina-RX for in vivo imaging.

The aim of the BICeL facility is to support research activities of the local, national and international community with the concern of excellence in developing relevant technologies to serve scientific research program highly competitive. Numerous research Teams are tightly associated with the development initiated within the BICeL.

We have the ambition to establish a pipeline from HCS to very high content imaging that take into account the possibility to record images in S1 to S4 labs. This is facilitated by partnerships with suppliers.

BICeL is members of several technological networks at the national and international level. Training activities and equipment are open to both academics and industries and SMEs.

We hope that you will find all the information needed surfing on our web pages and do not hesitate to contact us !

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